Who We Are

We are an international group of Esperantists working to build stronger connections between the UN and the Esperanto movement.

Our goals are:

  • to represent the interests of the Esperanto movement at the United Nations and its specialized bodies
  • to introduce Esperanto into the UN’s activities
  • to build support for the UN and UNESCO in the Esperanto movement and educate Esperantists about the structure of the UN and the work that it does

To accomplish these goals, our representatives:

  • attend meetings and other UN and UNESCO events pertaining to language and related questions
  • write and publish translations of UN and UNESCO documents in Esperanto
  • release a bimonthly newsletter about our activity, available in Esperanto, English, and French
  • organize symposia and other events at the UN in collaboration with other organizations
  • distribute information about the UN in Esperanto publications and at conventions and other events, and encourage Esperantists to get engaged with the UN
  • remain in contact with UN and UNESCO offices responsible for non-governmental organizations
  • staff a small office in New York City as a base of operations