Support Us

Become a volunteer

We are seeking help from volunteers who are willing to, among other things:

  • translate documents to and from English or French
  • disseminate information about our work in their own countries and networks
  • write articles about the work the UN does for Esperanto publications and on social media
  • compile and edit our newsletters
  • represent their national associations in UN Associations
  • seek collaboration with other non-governmental organizations with similar goals
  • represent us at UN events occurring in different parts of the world
  • help coordinate our activity in general

Send us an email if you’re interested in helping

Become active in your own country

  • Your national association could become a collaborator of your nation’s UN association
  • It could become help advise representatives in your nation’s government on UN issues
  • It could advocate for education about the UN in your nation’s schools

More information can be found at the web site of the World Federation of UN Associations,, or at the web site of your nation’s UN Association (these associations exist in most member states of the UN).

Support us financially

It is expensive to maintain our relations with UN and UNESCO. Our work depends on the financial contributions of generous contributors. What do we need financial help for? Here are a few examples:

  • prepare documents for distribution to UN agencies
  • pay for membership and other costs to attend meetings and conferences across the world
  • cover rent and telephone bills for our New York City office
  • support conventions and symposia that we convoke for UN officials and others

We can receive your donations through:,