Message to the Esperanto movement on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2019

The United Nations General Assembly has declared September 21 as a day dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace in and between all nations and peoples.

The Member-States of the UN accepted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 because they understood that it will be impossible to build a peaceful world if steps are not taken to achieve the economic and social development of people everywhere and guarantee the protection of their rights. The 17 Goals touch on a wide range of questions, including poverty, hunger, health, education, climate, gender equality, water, hygiene, energy, the natural environment and social justice.

The 13th Sustainable Development Goal, concerned with climate action, calls for immediate action to reduce greenhouse gases, strengthen climate resilience, and improve education on climate change.

Accordingly, “Climate Action for Peace” is the theme of this year’s International Day of Peace.

This theme draws attention to the importance of resisting climate change in order to protect and disseminate peace throughout the world. Natural catastrophes displace three times as many people as are displaced by military conflict. The salination of water and crops endangers food security, and its negative effect on public health continues to increase. Growing tensions over natural resources resulting from the mass movement of people are evident in every country and every continent.

Peace is achievable only with concrete action to fight climate change. On September 23, the United Nations will call a Climate Action Summit with concrete and realistic plans for rapid action to fulfil the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The Esperanto movement, with its worldwide communication network, can play a significant role in positive work for peace and climate. We call on Esperanto speakers everywhere in the world to dedicate their attention, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, to this essential question. Send your ideas, and report on your activities, to #PeaceDay and #ClimateAction – and to