Message of the Universal Esperanto Association on the occasion of United Nations Day, 24 October 2019

On the occasion of United Nations Day 2019, the world faces growing challenges – from the climate crisis to the constant and intensifying hostilities in many parts of the world. And the United Nations itself is threatened by a financial crisis resulting from the resistance of many Member States to paying their share of its costs in full and on time.

If there was ever a time for the peoples of the whole world to step up and express their support, that time is today.

From the very beginning of the United Nations, our Association, the Universal Esperanto Association, has always supported the UN’s aims and ideals. Beginning as early as 1954, some 65 years ago, our Association has enjoyed consultative relations with UNESCO; already in 1950 we began a dialogue with the United Nations that led to formal relations with the Economic and Social Council. We work tirelessly among our members, and our members work tirelessly among the public in over one hundred countries, to disseminate information about the United Nations and find areas where we can work together. The effort to keep the United Nations System alive and operating is based on the same ideas as our efforts to disseminate Esperanto, namely the creation of harmonious, peaceful and equitable relations among all people, of all social backgrounds, aimed at true and complete understanding.

We pledge to remain fully dedicated to the United Nations and to continue to work actively to increase awareness of the importance of tolerance, diversity and solidarity as ways of maintaining peace and contributing to a truly free and emancipated society, where friendship and respect are maintained among all individuals and peoples.

We consider it essential for the United Nations to maintain relations with the institutions of civil society since these institutions can relate directly with people to spread the values of the UN. We are aware that the UN cannot achieve its high goals nor carry out its specific programmes without the active cooperation of everyone in a spirit of equality and reciprocal respect.

In the year 2020, our World Congress of Esperanto (Montreal, Canada, 1-8 August) will be specially dedicated to celebrating the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. We call on our membership and on all Esperanto associations to join us in further expanding our publicity on the UN and its importance for world peace, and to co-operate in its programmes and initiatives whenever and wherever possible, for example through national United Nations Associations. We call on our members to gather in Montreal to celebrate together the achievements of the UN, and to convey this message now through their own media and among the public.