Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019

Each year on January 27, we mark Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day of mourning for the millions who lost their lives, and a day of celebration of those brave individuals who helped save the lives of others who would have perished. Historians tell us that the Nazis had a special plan to arrest all still surviving members of the family of L.L. Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto. The International Language Esperanto was created to foster peace and understanding among the nations – the very opposite of the hatred directed by the Nazis against all those who were different from them. It is therefore no surprise that Hitler went out of his way to denounce Esperanto. On the day after Hitler entered Warsaw, the Zamenhof family was rounded up. L.L. Zamenhof’s son Adam was arrested and shot; his daughters Zofia and Lidia were murdered in Treblinka, along with his sister Ida. Only Adam’s son, Ludwik, miraculously survived, thanks not only to his own ingenuity but also to the protection afforded him and his mother by Father Marceli Godlewski, of the Parish of All Saints in Grzybowski Square, Warsaw. Father Godlewski, and others like him, thus helped keep alive the hope that is contained in the very name of Esperanto. The Universal Esperanto Association honours the memory of the many Esperantists who perished at the hands of the Nazis and recognizes the generosity and bravery of those who defied the forces of terror to save those few who, threatened with murder, survived.